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Satisfied Customers

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Satisfied Customers and Their Stories

Mary in Lawrenceville moved into a new home in March. The builder did not offer the opportunity to have decorative hand beveled glass in her door or sidepanels. After reviewing the big box stores and other offerings she determined their only proposal was to remove the complete door and sidepanels (frame and all), and start completely over. This seemed very ineffecient and costly to her since there was physically nothing wrong with her existing door and frame. Mary called Transform-A-Door, chose one of more that thirty patterns of decorative hand beveled glass (available next day). Within hours we retrofitted her choice into the door and sidepanels she already had, saving her at least $800.00.

Lucy lives in Grayson, and for years was not happy with a dark and dingy looking foyer because her double french doors did not have glass in them. She had shopped around for new doors with glass, but learned the only proposal others had was to remove and discard her steel doors and the complete framing, then start all over from scratch. Lucy called us on Monday, picked a pattern of beautiful decorative hand beveled glass, we installed them Tuesday into her existing doors. She finally had the cheerful brighter foyer she had always dreamed of but could not afford before.

Jerry from Buford called us out to see what we could do with his plain door and clear glass sidepanels. He had some decay at the base of the sidepanels and wasn't sure if it made sense to put nice glass in his current entry system. We assured him it was restorable with a 20 year warranty, making it wise to put decorative hand beveled glass into his current fiberglass door and sidepanels. Jerry made his pattern selection, we restored the decay and installed his glass choice, saving him the aggravation and additional cost of ripping the complete entryway out and starting all over. His savings was in the $700.00 range, and immense amount of time and pain.

Tom and Judy live in an older home in Lilburn. There was a large amount of deterioration around the door. We replaced the complete entry with a "no-rot" framing and brickmold system and a fiberglass door so they would never have the decay concern again. Judy picked the appropriate pattern of decorative hand beveled glass from our large selection which we installed into the new door and sidepanels. All material to do the job and warranty for 20 years was available within the week and complete in a full day. Tom and Judy saved time, money, and aggravation because Transform-A-Door does not consider this order a "special order".

Please Note

  • All decorative hand beveled glass is thermally sealed between two layers of tempered glass
  • We perform a total tune-up of your door for no additional charge. Adding longer screws increase the integrity on the door and jamb and replace seals where necessary increases insulation. Best caulking is used to seal your entryway.
  • We have many rectangular, oval, and elliptical patterns from which to choose.
  • 10" sidepanels are no problem, we modify them everyday.

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